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Others: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher UPnP compatible network media device (e.g. Sony PlayStation 3)
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Only available for 30-day trial.


Versions of EyeConnect

All versions of EyeConnect
Version License Language O.S.
EyeConnect 1.6.7 17/06/10 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
EyeConnect 1.5.3 19/06/13 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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Share multimedia content on your home network

Tom Clarke

Recent changes

  • Compatibility with EyeTV 3.4
  • Easy installation
  • Clear, simple settings
  • Support for plugins
  • No information about extra plugins
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EyeConnect software enables your UPnP™ AV digital media device to stream EyeTV recordings, digital photos, music and movies from your Mac onto your TV or stereo.

EyeConnect is based on the globally trusted Universal Plug and Play™ Audio/Video standard (UPnP™ AV) for the seamless sharing of digital content throughout your home. Using this industry standard technology, EyeConnect enables a broad range of UPnP™ AV devices to play EyeTV recordings, digital music, video, or photo content, including iPhotos®, iTunes®, and movies stored on your Macintosh. Elgato’s EyeConnect digital media streaming software addresses a rapidly growing market for home networking solutions for the Macintosh.

Use EyeConnect in combination with your UPnP™ AV digital media device to manage wired or wireless streaming of digital entertainment content effortlessly. Digital media files remain organized as originally stored in your Mac libraries so you can quickly find the file you want.

EyeTV recordings

Watch EyeTV recordings on your TV in the comfort of your living room


View individual digital photos or your entire iPhoto® library, on your TV. Play slideshows of your organized photo albums for the enjoyment of family and friends


Access your entire iTunes® music library on your home entertainment system

Video & Home Videos

Access all the media in your Movies folder on your TV. The digital media player used determines the movie formats that are supported

"Great application, stable and user friendly, easily connect your mac to ps3"

This is a fantastic application, it makes it super easy to connect and stream anything from my mac to my TV that's connected to my PS3. I have my whole house wireless and can watch all my favorite and new content on my TV in high definition by simply turning on eye connect on my computer and my PS3 automatically see my movies, music and pictures folders. It plays back movies in various formats, avi and mp4 in 1080p wirelessly. I never had a problem with the application crashing, however if your internet connection is slow, or being throttled by your internet provider, it can affect the wireless reception, most internet providers claim that they are selling you a high speed internet with lots of bandwidth but you can quickly check the speed of your internet connection and realize that it is not what is advertised.

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15 Sep 2013
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